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Flight Lessons

In addition to helping students pass the written portions of their examinations, Hess Flying School puts an emphasis on actual flight time, learning the best way you can – by doing. Check out our flight schedule or call to book your flying lessons today!

Study Guides

Studying to become a pilot involves a tremendous amount of technical know how and detail oriented learning. Passing the tests required by the FAA can be real work, with questions on everything from pre-flight to landing. Don’t let test stress ruin your pilot school experience, get confidence with study guides from Hess Flying School!

Curriculum & Pricing

Hess Flying School provides a course of study intended to take the aspiring pilot or novice pilot all the way from book learning to practice flights and eventually onto earning their wings and doing solo flights. Get the details on becoming a pilot with Hess Flying School!

Meet Mark Hess

new 1561My name is Mark Hess. I’m a Certified Flight Instructor in Tempe,  Arizona, working with pilots in the Phoenix-metro area. The flying bug bit me in school when I read stories and books about Charles Lindbergh. But, it wasn’t his celebrity or the world-wide adulation that impressed me; rather, it was what I imagined to be his unshakable faith in his airplane and its capabilities, his confidence in his own abilities as an airman and his self-assurance that his airplane and his judgement using that airplane, would carry him to places that nobody else had gone. Check out my pages and drop me a line if you’d like to chat or if you’d like more information.  Or, if right now, you’re motivated, you have the budget and the time, and you’ve got the support group that you need from family and friends, pick up the phone and give me call.  I’d love to create more Lindbergh moments.